Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vick has won an award! Huh? WHY???

I am so saddened and disgusted today to see that Michael Vick has won an award for courage.

Please pardon my rant here as I am just beside myself. I simply can not see how someone who was convicted of taking part in such a horrible chain of events can not only be free and back to making ridiculously large sums of money, but also be receiving awards.

Not for nothing, it takes a pretty heartless person to choose to kill a dog for sport. It also takes an awful lot to kill a Pit Bull. And for someone to beat it to death, that is an act of horror I can only begin to imagine in my worst nightmares.

I am an open Pit Bull admirer. I think they are generally nice dogs once someone has put the appropriate time into training them and understands that they are strong, smart, active dogs who do have a tendancy to be aggressive to other dogs. With people they are typically sweet, affectionate, loyal and the only way they will hurt you is with their non-stop tails and tongues! To take these animals and turn them into killing machines is simply beyond heartless. To then torture the "losers" to death (and let's face it, there are no winners when it comes to dog fighting) by attaching extenstion cables, plugging them in and tossing them in a pool, that is just a crime that screams of someone being so sociopathic that they need to be locked up and have the key thrown away.

Vick may have "paid his debt to society" but he will never be able to pay his debt to morality.

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